Music and dance in UAE;*




United Arab Emirates music and dance reflects the country’s rich heritage and ancient culture. The Bedouin folk music, which is very popular in United Arab Emirates, is Persian Gulf khaleeji’s age old tradition. Music and dance in UAE are a part of every cultural event and festivals. The night life here is very thriving. The traditional as well as the modern music are played at the nightclubs. Percussion instruments like drums are a vital part of the folk music of UAE. Some of the very famous singers are Ahlam, Abdel Moniem Al Saleh or Moniem, Reem, Aithah Al-Menhali, Rouwaida, Al Wasmi, Samar and Abdallah Belkhair. Dance plays an important role in the daily life of the people of UAE. Some of the very popular dance forms of United Arab Emirates are Ayyalah, Harbiya, Mated, Liwa and Haban. Ayyalah signifies a war with the enemy and its defeat. This is one of the most popular traditional folk dance forms in UAE. The dance is performed in large groups of 200 men. Harbiya is performed by two long lines of men confronting each other. There are no music in this dance rather melodic phrases are used as accompaniments. Liwa is performed during festivals. Loud music and rapid tempo are what characterizes this dance form. Mated is performed to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed.


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