Emirati Dress;*


The most popular garments for women include: 

-The Arab kandoura or shift, finely embroidered around the sleeves and neck.The thawb, a long tunic which goes over the kandour.The abaya, the loose-fitting outer garment which is worn in public.The sheila, a large piece of black fabric up to 2 metres long, which covers the woman’s head and part of her face in public.The burga’, one of the oldest traditional items of dress, is a mask once worn by girls when they came of age. Nowadays it is only really worn by the older generation. The inside surface of the mask is rubbed smooth using oyster shell or stone and painted with indigo dye, believed to have a beautifying and whitening effect on the skin. The usual colours of the burga’ are red and gold.

The most popular garments for men are as follows: 

-The gahfiya, a small, knitted cap that covers the hair and keeps the gitra in place
The gitra is a square piece of cotton, folded into a triangle and used to cover the head. It usually matches the dishdasha. The type of gitra changes according to personal preference, occasion and season
The shimagh is the same size as the gitra, but more colorful. It is often embroidered or patterned
The talisman is a headdress worn directly over the head. It hangs down over the shoulders and around the face.
Headgear is held in place by an iqal, or circular rope of twisted wool, usually black or white in color.



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