Emarati Food;*


Emirati food;

Comprising of simple dishes but bursting with flavour, the local cuisine is normally made up of fish, meat and rice. Here are some of the most important dishes.


Harees ; 

This is a mixture of ground wheat and slow-cooked meat boiled until it becomes almost like a sticky porridge. The traditional method of cooking this dish would involve a clay pot placed in a clay oven or putting the pot in a hole in the ground filled with burning coal and left to stew for several hours. This dish is very popular during special occasions such as weddings, as well as the month of Ramadan.


Majboos ;

Majboos is another favorite dish. It’s made with rice, onions and meat and is cooked with a variety of spices and vegetables. The rice and meat are layered on top of each other and cooked to perfection over a low fire in the oven, or as tradition dictates in the ‘coal hole’. This dish is very tasty and a meal in itself.





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